Carports Vs Garage: Which is the Better Option for Your Home?

When it comes to providing shelter and storage for your vehicles, two options often considered are a carport or a garage. Both have their advantages and disadvantages to weigh up. This article explores the key differences to help you decide what best suits your needs.

What is a Carport? Carports Vs Garage: Which is the Better Option for Your Home?

A carport is a covered shelter for a vehicle that is open on two or more sides. It provides shade and protection from rain or light snow, but does not fully enclose the space.


  • Less expensive to build than a garage
  • Provides covered parking while allowing more natural light and ventilation
  • Easier to access your vehicle doors fully with no walls on some sides
  • Can be built as either a permanent structure or temporary portable shelter


  • Less protection overall from weather elements like wind or heavier rains
  • Typically requires separate storage space for other items like tools or sporting equipment
  • May not increase resale value of your home as much as a garage

What is a Garage?

Carports Or Garage: Which is the Better Option for You?

A garage is an enclosed, covered space, usually attached or integrated into your home. It is designed to fully shelter one or more vehicles along with storage space.


  • Fully protects vehicles and contents from all weather elements
  • Added security with lockable doors preventing theft
  • Increased home resale value – garages highly sought after
  • Integrated design looks tidy as part of the home
  • Flexible space doubles as workshop or storage easily


  • More expensive to build than a carport
  • Limits natural light and ventilation requiring lighting
  • Accessing vehicle doors can be tighter in enclosed space
  • Does not work well as temporary structure

Key Differences Between Carports and Garages

Factor Carport Garage
Cost Less expensive (approx $1200-$5000) More expensive (avg $15000+)
Build Temporary or permanent structure Usually permanent
Shelter Type Covered, open sides Fully enclosed building
Vehicle Access Excellent accessibility Tighter access
Security Low security from open sides High security when locked
Weather Protection Rain and light snow only All weather elements
Lighting Uses natural light mostly Needs lighting installed
Customisation Easy to resize or relocate More fixed custom sizing
Resale Value Lower value added Higher value added

Which is the Best Option – Carport or Garage?

Determining whether a carport or garage makes more sense depends greatly on your specific parking needs, budget, aesthetic preferences and how long you plan to stay in your home.

For a tighter budget, flexibility in size or style, or locations with milder weather, a carport can suit nicely to provide basic covered parking. If you live in windier or wetter climates and want your vehicle more protected, investing in an enclosed garage space may pay off long-term in shelter, security and resale value.

Think about your key priorities before deciding. For example, if maximising accessibility around your vehicle along with natural light for an outdoor parking sanctuary appeals more, go for a roomier carport design. If you’d rather have a flexible workshop or storage space integrated into your home with maximum protection from the elements for vehicles and contents alike, a garage may be the best fit.

Ultimately getting the right balance of practical everyday parking utility along with design and long term real estate value involves carefully weighing up the pros and cons of both carports and garages. Consider your climate, budget, aesthetic tastes and functional needs first when deciding to determine your best option. With the right choice made for your priorities, you’ll enjoy covered parking convenience and the perfect home integration for years to come.


When comparing the key differences in utility and costs between carports and garages, either can be an excellent choice to suit different homeowner’s needs.

Carports provide open, accessible shade from the sun and light precipitation at lower cost, while garages maximise protection, security and resale value as fully enclosed units.

Carefully weighing up your climate conditions, budget, design preferences, accessibility needs and value considerations allows choosing your ideal covered parking spot addition that perfectly complements your property. Getting the decision right based on what matters most means enjoying all the benefits for years to come.