How To Choose a Carport Builder

10 Expert Tips To Hire The Best Carport Building Company

How To Choose a Carport Builder

Investing in a new carport can protect your vehicles from harsh weather conditions. But not all carport builders down under deliver the same quality and service. Follow these 10 tips to find the right builder and get a sturdy carport or outdoor space you’ll enjoy for years.

1. Check Their Building Licences

Perfect carport builders must hold a state-issued building licence to operate legally. Double check they have a current licence in your state or region.

For example, in Brisbane, builders need a licence from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Check the QBCC Public Licence Register to validate a builder’s status.

Having proper state licences in place gives you recourse if issues arise down the track.

2. Look for Extra Certifications

Beyond basic licensing, additional qualifications indicate a builder’s expertise.

See if they hold certifications from Master Builders Australia in areas like carports, home improvements, or sustainability. This demonstrates a commitment to quality and continuing education.

Check if builders have qualifications like Cert IV in Building and Construction from TAFE. This hands-on training produces highly skilled tradespeople.

3. Verify Their Insurance Coverage

Legit builders carry insurance to cover clients’ in case of property damages or incidents.

Ask for proof of their public liability insurance certificate. It should provide cover of at least $5 million. Workers’ compensation insurance should also be in place for any employees.

Avoid any builders that can’t provide current insurance details.

4. How Much Carport Building Experience Do They Have?

Look for established builders with at least 5+ years focused specifically on carports. The more builds they have under their belt, the smoother your project will likely be.

Ask how many carport installations they complete yearly. Higher numbers show greater expertise across many different projects. Experience brings efficiency.

Also consider specialties like custom carport design skills. This allows more flexibility to meet your unique needs.

5. Review Examples of Their Carport Work

Vet potential builders by examining past carports they have constructed. Photos and testimonials should showcase:

  • Quality weather-resistant materials like Colorbond steel
  • Design factors like gable vs. skillion style
  • Scope and sizes – can they build to your specifications?
  • Sturdy construction and attention to detail

This helps you assess work and get a feel for their design aesthetics.

6. Check Reviews Online

Online reviews offer transparency into builders’ reputations. Search for professional builders on platforms like and Houzz.

Look for positive feedback and high satisfaction ratings. Beware of red flags like bad reviews for poor service or builds.

Happy customers show a builder who delivers on promises.

7. Speak to Past Clients About Their Experiences

Speaking directly with previous customers gives even greater insight. Reputable company will be glad to give references you can contact yourself.

Ask past clients questions about timeliness, communication, and if the final build of the previous projects matched expectations.

Positive experiences give you confidence in choosing that builder for your own carport project.

8. Know Their Design and Material Options

Professional carport builders offer robust options when it comes to:

  • Custom design options- can they construct fully customised carports tailored to your needs?
  • High-Quality Materials like Colorbond steel, timber, and polycarbonate
  • Styles like gable roof carport, skillion roof, freestanding, flat roof or lean-to

This flexibility ensures you get a carport suited to your needs. Discuss options that fit your budget.

9. Get Details on Timeframes and Warranties

A reputable carport builder should provide clear expectations on:

  • Timeframe – many projects take just a few days
  • Pledge on meeting proposed timelines
  • Warranties against defects – standard is up to 7 years

Having protections on time and quality provides peace of mind. Get any guarantees in writing.

10. Compare Pricing Between Builders

When reviewing quotes, look at both cost and overall value, not just price. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples in terms of materials, size, features etc.

Higher prices may reflect better variety of materials and quality workmanship that add durability, a better long term investment.

Use these tips to find the best carport builder for your budget and needs in Australia. Don’t simply pick the cheapest quote and sacrifice quality.

10 Expert Tips To Hire The Best Carport Building Company


Follow this 10-step guide to help you find and hire the most experienced carport builder for your project. Taking the time to verify licenses, experience, examples of work, and client reviews gives you confidence in making the right choice. This approach results in durable carports that stand the test of time and climate.

Pro Tip: Making the right decision on whether to use a carport kit or go for a custom build requires checking with your local council first. Contact them to learn about site planning and permit requirements for carports in your area.